What Is Life Without Whimsy?

Welcome To Our Specialties Page

The following are items conceived and created by our team members based upon their passions and special gifts and talents. 

Check back here often as the list grows on a regular basis.

Knock Knock - The Clown"TM"

Knock Knock is one of Dallas' amazing children entertainers, having been part of Laughter League for over 17 years. North Dallas premier Nonprofit organization that specializes in humor therapy for children.

 Knock Knock has worked with entertainers for all over the world, including Ringling, Cirque du Soleil, and Children television network. His charisma and showmanship is only matched for his passion for spreading humor.

Ask about the clown shows available for your children's party or gathering

Uniquely Yours (TM)

There are some things that are uniquely yours – palm prints, fingerprints, foot prints, and lip prints. And even though people can fake or forge your handwriting, it is also uniquely yours and cannot be completely reproduced by another person. For the purposes of Miles of Smiles Entertainment, we have found a way to combine two of these things – graphology and cheiloscopy - Handwriting Analysis and lip analysis (Kiss Prints)

Uniquely Yours Readings utilize handwriting analysis with the interpretation of the lines and shape of your lips. What we can’t see in your lip prints, we can see in your handwriting. And then sprinkle a bit of intuitive mystic into the mix and you will hear things about yourself that explain exactly what makes YOU UNIQUE! This makes for great fun as it creates the magic of helping you to discover more about you.


For hundreds of years humans have sought answers from the unknown by seeking out fortune tellers, soothe saying and oracles as our pets sat idly by and quietly ask “When is it my turn?”

Welcome PAWMISTRY!  What is PAWMISTRY? It is palm readings for your pets.

It is safe, fun and 100% entertaining for humans and the fur family that owns your heart.

It is great for fund raisers, pet adoption drives, pet gatherings or celebrations of the day your furry family came into your life and most likely took over your bed.

Best of all you get a memento perfect for framing to hang on your wall or place on the mantle of everything that was revealed through the pads of your furry ones paws.

PAWMISTRY -  book today! (Click to see more)

Life Tapestry  Cards"TM"                                      

Life Tapestry Cards are the culmination of efforts by Luann Morris and Deborah Colleen Rose.  They are designed to allow you to tap into your gifts.   Many hours went into finding the perfect combination of photos and words to inspire your intuition.

Included with the cards, is a book that describes our ideas and interpretation possibilities of each card. In no shape or form do we think that the suggestions about the cards in this book are all encompassing of the possible ideas and messages you might encounter during their use.

 These cards are meant to stimulate your imagination, helping you think outside of the box for strategies and solutions and to allow you to tap into your spiritual side gifts.

To show you how easy these cards are to read and help you tap into your own intuition, watch this video of 12 year old, Scarlett, doing her first reading after reviewing the book for a few minutes.

Mystic Romance Aroma​tics "SM"

Joining together two people, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is always a time to celebrate. We break bread, share cake and photograph the moments to carry these memories with us for a lifetime.

 Another layer of carrying the celebration on into our futures is to have a celebratory scent, customized by the new couple’s input, that can gifted to the guests and family of newlyweds.

Using our knowledge of essential oils and herbs, we devise a scent for the newlyweds that says “This Is Us Exclusively” to trigger the memories of that special day.

Mystic Rejuvenation Oils"SM"

Once again, Luann Morris and Deborah Rose came together to collaborate on designing a fun but helpful service for all types of events and parties.

Essential oils can help to center, ground, and focus the mind and are reputed to ease, calm, and soothe the body.

Using our intuitive healing gifts, along with a short questionnaire, a custom made roll on oil is designed, just for you to help with expanding your spiritual connection, or help with relaxation, energize your physically and mentally or to help give yo clarity and focus.   Give your guests something special to remember your time together!

Triple E Events "SM"

Most people would agree there is more to life than what our physical senses can tell us. The spiritual gifts of wisdom and knowledge come to people to be shared with others for a purpose – to encourage, enlighten and empower those who hear the message!

That is the purpose of our Triple E Events. To bring our team members to your group or establishment so that they may encourage, enlighten and empower people, sometimes just when they might need it the most.

Sure, it is entertaining to have people to tell us about ourselves. It is even more powerful when they can bring to us words of knowledge and wisdom that we can utilize to improve our situation as well. So ask about having our prophetic, intutive people come share some time with you and yours!

Magic Mirror Portraits "SM"

See yourself through new eyes with our Magic Mirror  – it brings the entire you together in art form and lets you get a glimpse of what is to come as well.

In less than ten minutes, you get to know the color of your aura, your totem animal that guides you and protects you and a reading about what to expect in the near future. To commemorate this special time and share with others, you also get a drawing of you, encircled with your aura colors and pictured with your totem animal by your side!

Designed by Deborah Rose, this is a special treat for your next party or event. Magic Mirror Portraits offers your guests something they have never experienced before with an aura/totem animal/caricature drawing and coinciding card reading!

Celestial Signs"TM"

Micki Klein, a natural intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, medium is a special addition to the Miles of Smiles team.

Micki has created a special service called Planetary Lithomancy (reading crystals representing planets in an astrological structure). Combined in Micki’s approach, she includes the modern planets, i.e., Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  So Planetary Lithomancy an astrological structure, with the reading of crystals representing each of the 10 planets within an astrological structure. Crystals are cast on the “board” and read according to a fixed system.

Micki is able to read this format in a quick and efficient way, while providing information and insight, making it perfect for parties and events.