What Is Life Without Whimsy?

Miles of Smiles Entertainment is a division of DCR Enterprises
Deborah Colleen Rose

Dreamer and Memory​ Maker


Create Something - FUN!

We are Intuitive and Insightful Professionals.

Who We Are In Less Than  A Minute

At Miles of Smiles, we know that planning a great celebration or event can be stressful and that takes away from the fun. And it certainly isn’t the memory you want to build for yourself.

Miles of Smiles is here to put the smile on your face and your guests for many years to come. “Remember when” is satisfying to say the least when you know people are happy because of the time and care you put into giving them a great time.

Interactive (Hands On)  entertainment is a perfect addition to almost any social event. Miles of Smiles is home for a lively and entertaining group of professionals who have extreme people skills and backgrounds that include teachers, HR Consultants, Private Investigators, IT Consultants, Children's Advocates, Life Coaches and more.

Miles of Smiles is the foundation of fun and entertainment of any event or gathering. No matter if you think fortune telling is real or not, having a person focus on you and your life is exciting and enticing and can be powerful and enlightening! 

All of our activities are to encourage, empower and enlighten! We do not spread gloom and doom!

Remember, we are here to give you Miles of Smiles!!!

Phone:  972-494-3232      Email:  [email protected]

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Card, Palm and Crystal Ball Readings

WE have a variety of cards, and the traditional palm and crystal ball settings for those favorite holiday settings.

We can also customize using just about anything to make your event personalized and very special.

Handwriting Analysis

We can tell you what YOU don't know about you, just from your handwriting.

 Fun, insightful and science based by our forensic handwriting specialists!

We customize just about anything to make your event personalized and very special.

Runes and Wax Readings

Go old school with the rocks of the ages, Runes and Old German Wax Readings for something different and unusual.

 You won't find these readings just anywhere! We also customize using just about anything to make your event personalized and very special.

What We Do!!!

Our Miles of Smiles Team members are available for:

  •  Corporate Events and Conferences
  •  Small or Large groups
  • Dinner Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Holiday/Office Parties
  • One on One Readings
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Private Sessions
  • House Blessings and Cleansing

 And yes, we can do all this virtual online, anywhere!

Click to see a party!

  • Gypsy Fortune Tellers
  • Palm Readers
  • Tea Leaves Readers
  • Lip Print Readings
  • Handwriting Profilers
  • Combined Services(Lips + Card/Handwriting + Cards
  • Magic Mirror Portraits - Readings  with Caricatures
  •  Mystic Rejuvenation Oils - Custom Scents
  • Strolling Crowd Readings
  • Clowns
  • Wax Readings
  • Specialty Services (Click Here)

Table Decor and Costumes

To continue with providing you with the best we have to offer, you can choose from a selection of themes for costumes.

  • Gypsy (Traditional, mystical or boho)
  • Great Gatsby/Flapper Era
  • Carnivale
  • Steampunk Flair
  • Medieval Garb
  • Professional Dress(For More Traditional Events)

                Ask For Customization!

The Miles of Smiles Team is made up of career professionals and trained entertainers.  They are also gifted, intuitive readers.  The team members available for private clients wanting individual sessions have their phone number posted with their bios. 

Please  call them direct for private readings.

(All Team Members have been vetted by other professionals and have passed the State of Texas background checks.)

The Rose Family Mystics and Readers

Deborah Rose

Handwriting and Mystic Extraordinaire


Deborah is a private investigator, life coach, Reiki Master, NLP Master,  handwriting therapist, published author and worldwide trainer.

Deborah first received public recognition for her talents as a gifted intuitive at the age of 13 when she was featured in the local Dallas paper when she was entertaining at a children’s Halloween carnival. Practical life experience has enhanced her natural abilities. And watch out for her own brand of humor.....

See Deborah Rose's YouTube Playlist!

Amazon Author's Page

Deborah Colleen Rose

Scott Rose

Rune and Mystic Extraordinaire


Scott lives in the IT world by day, the Mystic World by night. He is also married to Deborah, which adds to his list of mystical abilities!

He has many facets to his world, which includes Welch rapier, pirate, gypsy, ordained minister, leather craftsman and man of many talents, much like James Bond. Seeing is believing when you see Scott in action.


Scott brings the world of druids alive with his specialized Rune readings.

Fortune Teller

Caitlyn Polson - Starshine

Caitlyn is a rising star in the world of fortune telling entertainment. She has worked with some of the top names in the DFW entertainment industry and made her own unique mark. She has been an entertainer for over a decade, showcasing her talents on stage, murder mystery entertainment and work with nonprofit organization Laughter League while studying and perfecting her craft as a card reader. She brings a very youthful, southern energy through her reading style.

Keegan Rose - Energy Interpreter

Keegan, is the second generation of this gifted, spiritually aware family. He is an electrician by trade and a master strategist. For someone who is still considered young, he has the life experiences of someone twice his age.

Keegan has a brilliant mind and has been practicing his intuitive and spiritual gifts since a toddler. And watch out for his own brand of humor, it rivals his parents!

Phone: 469-925-3232

Jennifer Colley - Rare Medium

As a Psychic and Medium, Jennifer aids people with insightful and encouraging information from numerous energetic sources. As a Reiki Master she offers Energy Treatments for those in need of one. She has a background of paranormal investigation and her sessions are known to leaving her clients full of Clarity and Peace as they move forward into their future.

She has dedicated her life to the help and aid others, both physical and energetic.

Luann Morris - Mystic Herbalist

Luann is an LVN, Herbalist, International Author and Ordained Minister; podcaster, and Reikie Master, in her role as psychic medium. Luann, along with Deborah Rose, has designed Intuitive Cards, to help people access their own intuition and spiritual gifts. Luann is also an extraordinary healer, using herbs and essential oils, combined with her medical training. You can view her herbal products at: Herbal Lu's Apothecary

Phone: 214-662-6032

Eric Binowski - Man of Man​y Faces​

Eric, like all our team, is one of DFW premier fortune telling entertainers, exuding charm, allure to entertain and captivating an entire room, making you feel that the time you spent with him was special, meaningful and was just for you.

Schooled in Slavic magik and tradition from his family as a child to study social psychology as a adult, Eric has learned the workings of over dozens of forms of fortune telling. Eric can add something amazing every time.